Webinars & Video

May 2015 - Webinar for the Planning Institute of Australia on Social Media and its use in planning


30 October 2015 - PlanningxChange Broadcast 12.  

"In PX12 Jess and Peter interview Nicola Smith, private consultant planner and Director of Niche Planning Studio. She has experience across three states of Australia as a land development manager, consultant, local government statutory planner and state government policy writer. She has a thirst for knowledge, is passionate about innovation in planning through social media and supports a strong mentoring system within the planning profession. The interview covers a broad range of urban planning issues and considers future trends including the question of how soon will it be until computers are making planning decisions."

May 2017 - Gazella Live Video for the UDIA - Women in Property - Interview with Nicola Smith Director, Niche Planning Studio