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Olivia Cootes

Town Planner

Bachelor of Urban Development (Urban and Regional Planning) (2020)

Member of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA Associate)

Olivia is a qualified Urban Planner with a passion to deliver great development outcomes which provide social, economic and environmental benefits to communities. As a recent graduate from the Queensland University of Technology, Olivia works with Niche’s private and public clients aiming to balance both the theoretical and practical aspects of planning. Olivia is passionate about problem-solving strategic planning issues as demonstrated through her honours thesis, ‘The Impacts of Road Congestion on the Delivery of Bulk Goods to Project Sites in Urban Settings’.

Olivia has gained valuable experience in Brisbane, working as a Student Planner in a multi-disciplinary urban development consultancy. Through this, Olivia has valuable experience communicating with development consultants in the sector which is aided by her minor in Construction Administration. Olivia has excellent written and verbal communication, effective research skills and pays attention to fine details

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