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Nivedita Ravindran
Urban Designer

Master of Urban Design (2020)

Bachelor of Architecture (2018)

Member of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA Associate)

Registered Architect at the Council of Architecture, India COA

Nivedita is a qualified architect and urban designer with a passion for creating spaces whose design quality is informed by lived experience, legacy, and community. She also has a keen interest in the real world applications of the Planning System and understands that the two professions of design and planning go hand-in-hand. As a recent graduate from the University of Melbourne, Nivedita endeauvors to gain experience in a wide variety of disciplines. She has previously gained employment in architecture, interior design and brand development.


Nivedita’s core passion and talents lie in interpersonal communication and converting ideas into design outputs through technical and hand drawing skills. Her postgraduate thesis focuses on healthy transitional spaces in the post COVID world. Nivedita is a staunch advocate of the fact that even the smallest of changes can make huge impacts if implemented in the right way.

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