Niche Planning Studio is a specialised planning and urban design consultancy operating across Australia with offices in Victoria, Tasmania and WA.

Niche Planning Studio strives for excellence in all areas of the planning and development process. 


Established in 2012, the teams expertise comes from our understanding of all facets of the land development process, providing high quality strategic and statutory outcomes which balance economic realities with sustainable objectives. We also display strong skills in project management and coordination, communications, and strategy building. We offer a personalised service to our clients with guaranteed involvement from the Directors regardless of the size of project.


Our team is nimble and responsive, ensuring timely project delivery and best practice outcomes which are delivered well within budget. Our team draws upon a diverse background of local government, state government and private consultancy experience from across Australia.

This breadth of planning knowledge and design experience ensures Niche Planning Studio provides excellent service in coordinating the implementation of major projects, scheme amendments, structure planning, plans of subdivision and planning permits Australia wide.

Our continued success stems from our client-focused strategies, the ability to listen and understand our clients, and deliver commercially viable, affordable and innovative land developments and planning advice.






A position or activity that particularly suits an organisations talents and personality. 


An area of the market specialising in one type of product or service. 


Place in nature: The role of an organism within its natural environment that determines its relations with other organisms